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With the scent of citrus trees in the air and miles of warm, sandy beaches, Tobago makes the perfect romantic getaway. Not as bustling as nearby Trinidad, and therefore more peaceful, this lovely retreat offers a fun and relaxing vacation. Whether you want to splurge or budget, Tobago offers a range of activities sure to give everyone what they want!

Spend some time in the capital city of Scarborough, which has the most shops on the island, and bring home some great souvenirs. Take a hike up the hill from there and visit Fort King George, Tobago's best-preserved historic monument. Dating back to the 1770's, this place gives you a fantastic view of the bay and the surrounding tropical foliage. See the exhibits featuring 18th century weapons, maps, and other artifacts. For more local Tobago flavor try traveling to the fishing village of Charlotteville for a day including a fresh caught meal.

Bird enthusiasts will find a paradise on Tobago, as 200 varieties of birds inhabit this island. Be on the lookout for species such as the yellow oriole, scarlet ibis, and the comical motmot. To see a bird sanctuary that attracts even professional ornithologists, visit Speyside in the north and take a boat to an offshore island called Little Tobago. There, about 50 species of endangered birds live in their natural habitat, full of hills and islets for exploring.

For some great snorkeling and diving, the well-known Buccoo Reef lies offshore the island's southwest. Take a glass-bottom boat tour and see the coral and fish, or go for a more up close experience and rent some scuba gear. Because the Guyana Current brings nutrients in the water from Venezuela's Orinoco River, a multitude of marine life thrives underwater, making your diving trip a colorful adventure.

Travel to Tobago for a place to unwind and soak up some sun. Enjoy the beaches and the refreshing blue waters and plan a hike through the rainforest to see some truly amazing sights!

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